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"High Thai/Peko-chan"Kids


Shorts overalls, island elephants on the legs, and the Okinawan version of Peko, who was tanned in light brown, greeted with"Haita-i".

(It means"hello"in Okinawan language. It is a female word high tie for high sai. )

Peko-chan, a character loved by three generations, is arranged with graphics unique to Okinawa. A new standard that combines nostalgia and freshness!

Country of origin:Made in China

[Item details]
Color:Apricot Size:90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150

[Item size]

90:Length 36/Width 29/Sleeve length 11

100:Length 40/Width 31/Sleeve length 12

110:Length 44/Width 33/Sleeve length 13

120:Length 47/Width 35/Sleeve length 14

130:Length 51/Width 37/Sleeve length 15

140:Length 55/Width 40/Sleeve length 16

150:Length 59/Width 42/Sleeve length 17