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Kotoyuu sabanimo squat proposition type


Anti virus functionClothI finished the highest grade type of high protection type.

The old and the future are woven, and the new now dyes.

* the layout of the design is assort.

A crimp used inside ® The fabric has not only suppressed the reproduction of bacteria, but also reduced the number of specific viruses (both envelopes and non viruses) on the fiber to 99% or more, and it has been confirmed to suppress the growth of certain bacteria.

High protection coordination with the strongest Savannah mask.


Internal space is wide and easy to breathe, and it is easy to talk while wearing.

It fits with the unevenness of the face, and the lens is hard to wear when wearing glasses.

A fabric cloak that reduces the number of specific viruses on fiber and suppresses the growth of certain bacteria ® .

It becomes compact when folded, so it is convenient to carry.

Can be used repeatedly by washing.

Replacement of rubber string is possible.


It does not prevent infection. It is an etiquette mask to prevent the scattering of the spray by cough sneeze and conversation.
Please be sure to clean and clean after wearing.
Make sure you tumble tumble enough to take care of yourself due to damage caused by heat or type collapse.

It is a small fishing boat by the word of Okinawa. It was used for fishing since ancient times in Okinawa Islands, yotsushima islands and Amami islands. It is said that the shark (Sabah) and the boat were combined into the name 'savanai' because it developed to catch the fin.

Table cloth / polyester: 75% cotton

Inner fabric / cotton
Made in Japan

Item details
Color:Future Retro
Size: Free

Item size

Vertical: 7.5 cm

Side: 22 cm