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Long Sleeve Sign Flowers Side Pocket Shirts: Kodachi

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Recaocyan has been in 1999
Salmon steamed flower cloth, which continues to work,
I tailored to a standard button down.

[Side pocket]

In a basic shirt,
Add side pockets,
Plus individuality.

※ Side pocket is only to the right side
It is.


【Requiocyan's Clash Chain Flower Flower】

What is the Salmon Stepping Fabric (Ayakafu)
Okinawa's red and marble rootsfriend
From China 600 years ago
It is a typical type of traditional 藍 dyeing.

Local craftsmen in the past
I am carefully dyed.

Planning and sewing finish are in Okinawa.

Same Kitanomago Seki as RyukyuFrom plants
The extracted ingredients are dyed into amazing.

It is characterized by a deep amber color with redness.

NaturalDynasty dyes improve fiber intensity,
Reduce bacterial growth and high insect repellent effect
It has been.

Absorb the ultraviolet lightAnd the effect that does not pass the skin
It is said that it is high.

On the other hand, it is weak to ultraviolet light, causing fading and discoloration
BecomeCare to expose to sunlight for a long timeBut
Is required.

Requiocyan's silent roller cloth is such as acetic acid
By fixing reaction,Firmly stiffening
I am applying

It is characterized by relatively easy to handle.

[Motif of pattern]

Nagaiba Boknen, which is also representative of our company
Series drawn by wooden print.

The title is Kodati.

As the name implies, it is a series of trees that stand up,
The shaking of the shade reflected on the ground of the forest, ...

The whole shirt is an art work,
While thinking about the story
Wearing, Requiocian
It is the best part of the seal flower cloth series.

Kariyoshi Wear]

Requiocyan sewing studio is
Okinawa clothing sewing product industrial union
Received the accreditation and
I am producing.

Okinawa business and parties,
Resort wedding
Of course the formal scene,
Informal (abbreviation) scene
You can wear it.

This item is Kariyoshi
As a genuine item, the trademark budget


Cotton: 100% ※ Natural dye use
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color / pattern name: Kodachi
Size Development: SS, S, M, L,LL, 3L, 4L

【Size specification】