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Long sleeve printed embroidery Pocket Shirt


Since the inauguration of Lequiosian in 1999
Indigo seal flower cloth that we continue to work onを、
Made into a classic button down。


Side pocket

Casually in a basic shirtく
Add side pockets、
With functionality
Plus individuality。

※Side pocket is single only on the right side
  Has become。


Lequiosian indigo flower cloth

What is Ai Inkafu?、
Okinawa's Bingata and Indigo rootsAlso called、
It is a traditional indigo dyeing that has been handed down in China for 600 years.。

Local craftsmen carefully use the same technique as beforeに

Planned sewing finish is done in Okinawaます。

The same Acanthaceae as Ryukyu AiFrom plants
It is dyed indigo with the extracted ingredients.す。
It features a deep reddish indigo color.。

NaturalIndigo dye increases the strength of the fiber、
When it suppresses the growth of germs and has a high insect repellent effectと
It has been。

Absorbs ultraviolet raysThe effect of not passing through the skinが
Is said to be expensive。
On the other hand, it is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and causes fading and discoloration.因に
Because it becomesBe careful not to expose it to sunlight for a long timeBut
Is required。

Lequiosian indigo flower cloth is made of acetic acid, etc.の
Due to the fixing reaction Firmly color-fastening
The feature is that it is relatively easy to handle。


Pattern motif

Naka Bokunen, who is also the representative of our company, is a woodblock print
Therefore, the series drawn down。
The title is Kodachi。
Is it a series of trees lined up as the name suggests?か、
The shimmering shade of the trees reflected on the ground of the forest、、、。


The whole shirt tells a story as a work of artを
You can wear it while thinking about it、
The real thrill of the Lequiosian Inkafu series。


Kariyushi wear

Lequiosian sewing workshop is Okinawa Prefecture clothing sewing products品
We produce Kariyushi with the certification of the industrial association.す。

Okinawa business and partiesー、
Resort weddings, etc.
Not to mention the formal scene、
In the informal scene
You can wear it。

This item is a genuine Kariyushi productて、
Trademark tag is attached。


  100% cotton natural dye used使用
  Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県


Item details

  Color pattern name Kodachiダチ
  Size development SSSMLLL3L4LL、3L、4L


Size spec