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Breek Countdown F / Z Parker

Sold out
Wirts and Mermaid combinations in the sea
To tear
Full force flush towards the water surface.

Who fly to who today?

Corde width spreads
Back pile full dipper car

Back pile fabric full zipper type type
So, of worn scene coordination
A universal item that spreads the width.

The high water absorbency and elastic back pile is
It is an item that is easy to wear and easy to wear.

Batsugun's touch and water absorbencyBack pile fabric]

Back pile, another name "back hair".

The surface combining the Tengu knitting is elasticity
A nice texture.

The back side is a pile of the back yarn
Like a towel with a floating fabric
It is a material that is good for sweat absorption.

The back yarn is from the thread used for the surface
It is braided with a thick thread with a twisted twist
It is characterized by the good touch.


100% cotton (back pile)
country of origin:made in China


When washing, turn over the shirt and make it easy to move
We recommend the product with the product.

The use of dryers also causes shrinkage, so
We recommend that you avoid using as much as possible.

【Details of the item】

Mix gray

[Item size]

: Length 63/ Width 52/ Shoulder width44/Sleeve Length 56

: Length 67/ Width 55/ Shoulder width48/Sleeve Length 60

: Length 71/ Width 58/ Shoulder width52/Sleeve Length 61

: Length76/ Width 63/ Shoulder width55/Sleeve Length 62

: Length 81/ Width 68/ Shoulder width58/Sleeve Length63 

4L: Length 84 / Width 73 / Shoulder width 61 / Sleeve Length 64

Male model: height170 cm LSizes