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Yui Turban

Sold out
For people who are busy with childcare and housework,
Put the hairstyle together
Turban is a very convenient and helpful item.

Even if you are busy in your work and work,
Turban is an item that helps
It can be said.

Yui Turban
Yui, bundle, summarized
Turban (cloth around the head)And the meaning of
Women who are lonely active
If it becomes an item that is useful,
Okinawa's "Yui Ma (helping)"of
It is a turban with a spirit.

It is also recommended product for gifts.

※ Deployment of design is assorted.

Van-silic pattern

With "Van Silne" in Okinawa dialect

In Okinawa, it is a fruit that looks well in the household garden.


Cotton: 88%
Hemp: 12%

Plain part
Polyester: 85%
Polyurethane: 15%

Country of origin: Japan

【Details of the item】

Color:Van silux
Size: Free

[Item size]

Vertical: 10 cm

Horizontal: 27 cm