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Swan cloth side pocket shirt Swing

Sold out
Lequiocyan has been working in 1999 because of his footing in 1999
Continuing, Ainkafu
Short -sleeved button down shirt tailored.
[Side pocket]
With a basic shirt, casually
Added side pockets to functionality
Plus individuality.

The side pockets are single only on the right
It is.

[Lequiocyan's indigo flower cloth]

What is Aimi -no -Kafu?
600 years ago in China, which is also called indigo type roots
It is a traditional indigo -shaped dyeing that is transmitted from.

● With the same technique as before, local craftsmen carefully
It is dyed.
Planning and sewing finish are performed in Okinawa.

● From the same fabrical plant as Ryukyu Ai
It is an extracted ingredient and is dyed indigo.
It features a reddish deep indigo color.

● Natural indigo dyeing increases the strength of fiber,
Suppresses the growth of germs and has a high insect repellent effect
It has been.

● The effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skin
It is said to be expensive.
On the other hand, it is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, causing fading and discoloration.
Be careful to expose to sunlight for a long time.

● Lequiocyan's indigo flower cloth is such as acetic acid.
Color -clastructure by retention reaction firmly
It is applied.
The feature is that it is relatively easy to handle.


Nika Bokunen, the representative of our company
A series drawn by woodcuts.

The title is Woge.

The whole shirt is an art work
While thinking about the story
Lequiocyan is also worn
This is the real pleasure of the seal flower cloth series.

[Kariyushi wear]

Lequiocyan sewing workshop is
Okinawan clothing sewing product industry association
Received the certification and Kariyushi
It is produced.

Okinawan business, party,
Resort weddings, etc.
Not only formal scenes, but
In the informal (omitted) scene
You can wear it.

This product is Kariyushi
As a genuine product, a trademark lower bill


Cotton: 100% * Special dye is used
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa Prefecture

[Item details]

Color: Woge
Size: SS, S, M, L,LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS: Length 66 / Shoulder width 39 / Width 50 / Sodeme length 23
S: Length 68 / Shoulder width 41.5 / Width 53 / Sodeme length 24
M: Length 70 / Shoulder width 44 / Width 56 / Sodeme length 25
L: Length 72 / Shoulder width 46.5 / Width 59 / Sodeme length 26
LL: Length 73.5 / Shoulder width 49 / Width 62 / Sodeme length 27
3L: Length 75 / shoulder width 51.5 / Width 65 / Sodeme length 28
4L: Length 76.5 / shoulder width 54 / Width 68 / Sodeme length 29