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"Bingo Towel"is an ally for summer outings! !!

"Bingo Towel"is a towel stall with HABUBOX's original"Bingata style"design printed on Miyazaki Towel (*)'s standard product"Imabari Muffler 70".

(*) Miyazaki Towel is a towel manufacturer headquartered in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. Founded in 1894, it has a very old history among towel manufacturers in Imabari. In the 1955's, it was certified as a bonded factory as a production factory for export towels and continued production, but due to the loss of export competitiveness due to the rapid growth of the Japanese economy, it switched to domestic demand and is now"indigo"and"organic cotton". It mainly produces and sells towels, cotton mufflers, cotton bags, etc. In 1999, he sold Japan's first towel muffler, inspired by the record that"towels were used as scarves in modern, high-class fabrics when towels were just imported from England to Japan."

It's still hot, but when I'm out for leisure or going out, I want to sweat and protect myself from UV rays, but it's not good to wear a towel around my neck. .. .. At that time, right?

In such a case, I would like to recommend this"Bingo Towel"!
Hand-spun yarn is used for the weft and organic cotton is used for the warp, so it is extremely breathable and has a gentle texture forever.
In addition, it is durable and light, and even if it fits comfortably on the skin and is wrapped forever, the total weight is as light as 70g, so it does not put a burden on the shoulders.

In addition, it also cuts UV rays (about 91%), so it protects against UV rays in the summer, absorbs sweat well, and prevents stuffiness. It also keeps the collar warm even in seasons other than summer.

This"Binga Towel"is a"Bingata"style design that HABUBOX prints on the"Imabari Muffler", which is full of good things.

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All of them have a natural color towel stall with a glossy bingata design printed on them, which is wonderful. It is also very popular as a gift for mothers (mother-in-law) and wives.

We also introduce the charm of"Bingo Towel"on YouTube, so please have a look!

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