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HABUBOX directly managed store introduction


Okinawa T-shirt HabuBox's largest directly managed store A total pattern polo shirt that is ideal not only for conventional T-shirts but also for work clothes of active businessmen and leisure on holidays Poroyushi HabuBox High brand Ryukyu folk design Lequiosian and Birkenstock sandals Proposing styling that maximizes brand specificationsしたスタイリングを提案。Aiming to disseminate new Okinawan apparel to the red tile building Akara in Depot Islandカラ」まで!!

Residence 904-0115 9-20 Mihama, Chatan Town, Okinawa Prefecture20
Phone number 098-936-82399
Business hours 11: 00 ~ 20: 000

HABUBOX Mihama store

Founded in 1979, the second store of HabuBox, a pioneering brand of Okinawa T-shirts, is packed with unique items with an Okinawa motif.イテムが満載☆☆
High-quality products and innovative ideas are unique to the hub box, which has been researched for many years.!!

Residence 904-0115 9-12 Mihama, Chatan Town, Okinawa Prefecture12
Phone number 098-926-04211
Business hours 11: 00 ~ 20: 000


HABUBOX Naha Airport Store

We are challenging the expression of new Okinawa with the free fluctuation of natural materials and the square design inspired by BOX.います。
We have a rich lineup of HABUBOX original items and select items such as T-shirts, as well as Polo Yushiya Kariyushi Karabisa socks and Birkenstock.えています。
Please drop in at the beginning and end of your tripい。
(You can come to the store freely even if you are not using the airportす。)

Street address/〒901-0142150 Kagamizu, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Naha Airport Passenger Terminal Building 2nd Floor Yuinichi Street
Phone number 098-996-30755
business hours/10:00 19:00 Shortening business業中)

HABUBOX Urasoe Parco City store

We are challenging the expression of new Okinawa with Okinawan materials such as soil and rock mass and square design inspired by BOX, and it is a store packed with Okinawa in high density with the concept of future market future matia. Masu舗になっています。
Kariyushi Polo Yushi as well as original T-shirts are available to coordinate with Okinawa's business scene and resort weddings.ます。
BIRKENSTOCK has the largest selection of products in Okinawa prefecture and accepts repairs.ります。Of the popular balloon skirtWe also have many items from PICTURES Pictures.ます。

Street address/〒901-21233-1-1 Irijima, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture Sanei Urasoe West Coast Parco City 1st floor
Phone number 098-988-15811
business hours/10:00 20:00 Shortening business業中)


※HABUBOX Onna store will be closed indefinitely to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. We will inform you by infomation etc. as soon as the prospect of resumption is reached.致します。