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If Ryukyu is still one country, crossing the sea and sailing the world like it used to be ...

LEQUIOSIAN :LEQUIOSIAN is a coined word that means"Ryukyu people" . If, still Ryukyu is one of the country, when I sailed the world across the sea once as .... It is expressed in the theme of"fantasy folk costume (design)"that spreads from there.

The subtitle"SEA NOMAD FANTASIA"stands for"Fantasy Sea People"and represents the fantasy sea people.

Lequiosian was launched as a high concept line of HabuBox , which was launched in 1999. Since 2013, we have received Kariyushi certification and have begun to produce mainly men's and ladies' shirts . Mainly uses cotton and linen made in Japan. As Kariyushi, not only the business scene in Okinawa, but also the simple and contrasting design is preferred, and there are many customers as resort casual wear and party formal wear in Okinawa.

The feature is that it is consistent from design planning, pattern printing, sewing, and sales to planning, manufacturing and sales in-house.

We collect the best of our own manufacturing technology and product design, research daily for the development of new wear, and promote commercialization with island shirts and island clothes as development systems.