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Comfortable etiquette mask (with HABUBOX logo) is now available!

It's still hot and humid, isn't it? Recommended for those daysな【Dry mesh mask】 Has been released!

A comfortable etiquette mask that uses a dry mesh material with good breathability for the outer material and a fabric with a cool contact deodorant and antibacterial function for the lining.スクです。

It seems that the basic white fabric can be used either on or off, and the palm tree printed in a single color and the HABUBOX logo make you feel Okinawa casually and feel a little everlasting summer.け常夏気分?


Uses a material that has a cooling sensation, deodorant, antibacterial function, and a pH control function that keeps the fabric neutral and weakly acidic.しています。)


A mask made of dry mesh material that is ideal for the coming season. Please see YouTube for its functions and features.い〜。 

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