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A collaboration T-shirt with the B League"Ryukyu Golden Kings"is now available! !!

A dream collaboration T-shirt between Ryukyu Golden Kings of the domestic professional basketball league B league based in Okinawa and T-shirt brand HABUBOX has appeared.が登場しました!!

Okinawans love basketball!
There are many places where basketball goals are set up on beaches and parks, and of course there are local basketball lovers as well as U.S. military fabrics, so authentic American people are also mixed and enjoying basketball.んでいます。

Ryukyu Golden Kings, which is active in Okinawa as a home town, is exactly the star home game of Okinawan people's wishes is always overcrowded and tickets are so popular that it is hard to suppress.気ぶりです。

Most Okinawans know everything about the Ryukyu Golden Kings, but lol Let's review what kind of team it is for people outside the prefecture and those who do not know much about the B League.さらいしてみましょう!!

Ryukyu Golden Kings

Ryukyu Golden Kings is a team that belongs to B1 of the domestic professional basketball league B league. It is active nationwide with the idea that Okinawa city is the home town and Okinawa is more energetic. Achieving the first victory in the 2008-09 season, which is the second season of the participating teams, achieved four wins in the bj league total by the birth of the B league in 2016-17. The B league also won the 2017-18 season. Since then, he has won the district championship for three consecutive seasons, and this season the team is working as one to win the long-sought league title.ム一丸となって邁進しています。
↓Official site here↓

So strong強!!
In the Bj league era, it has the highest number of championships in the league, and even after participating in the B league, it has won the district championship for three consecutive seasons, and the league championship is one step closer.ムなのです!!Puy Okinawa finger fluteの指笛)

We, HABUBOX, who are rooted in the same Okinawa, want you to achieve the long-sought league victory. With such a strong feeling, we planned this collaboration T-shirt.それがコチラ!!

Pyuyuyuyu Okinawa's finger fluteの指笛)
If the basketball goal ring net is Okinawa sobaら、、、?」
Is it a delusion that I have too much love for Okinawa and basketball, or is it a new fusion of local cuisine and sports?か?
In any case, we have completed a delicious and fun graphic T-shirt that will give you a good shot.した!!

Let's support our Ryukyu Golden Kings in front of the venue smartphone TV by wearing the Okinawa So Basket T-shirt of this Kings cafeteria.応援しましょう!!

Puy Puy Puy Okinawa Finger Fluteの指笛)

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