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Orion Bouquet P / O Parker

Orion Beer Official Online Shop
I appeared in the original goods planning first
"Orion Bouquet" is P / O Parker
New appearance.

Okinawa coach
Celebrating the creator,
Silk screen P / O Parker

This time
Watta ~Lychee & Hibiscus~"of
Packaged art was also appointed
pokke104Mr., colorful
Orion beer logo art
I drew it!

pokke104A bright color that is like
A curve full of lively and life
Orion beer logo wrapped in.

The familiar logo also looks like a different look.
Womenlessness and natural shaping
The power strength is somewhere or male.

Such men and women can recommend it to a wide range of layers
It is an item.

And the culture of Okinawa such as flora and crests
Included in luxury
pokke104Bouquet of Mr..

Of course, don't forget wheat and hop!

Give an Orion beer rubber,
Art P / O Parker on the island
here is.

【Fugu and soft
Pullover Parker Features Features

In a simple design that is not tired
It is a standard of autumn winter Corde
Sweated pullover percar.

Background is fluffy and heat-retarded back hair
while doing,T / c(cotton×Polyester
Light and durable hoodie by making dough
It is finished.


Square: 100% cotton
Lining (Back Hair):Cotton 52%, polyester 48% 
country of origin:China Indonesia Myanmar

【Details of the item】

Size: S, M, L,LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

S: Length 63 / Width 52 / Shoulder width 44Around 57
M: Length 67 / Width 55 / Shoulder width 48Round length 60
L: Length 71 / Width 58 / Shoulder width 52Round length 61
  LL: Length 76 / Width 63 / Shoulder width 55Round length 62
3L: Length 81 / Width 68 / Shoulder width 58That's right 63
4L: Length 84 / Width 73 / Shoulder width 61Round length 64