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Sogu rabi, werabi, masked, mask, dry and light type (2 cards).


A mask that has become an indispensable part of children's daily lives.

An etiquette mask made of a single piece of fabric that is easy for even active children to breathe.

Since there is no top and bottom, even small children can wear it without worrying about it.

Since it uses a high-tech antibacterial material that has an antibacterial effect due to silver ions, it prevents the growth of germs and is safe because it has deodorant properties.

As it absorbs moisture and dries quickly, it dries easily even after washing and is easy to clean. Of course, you can also use a tumble clothes dryer, so you can keep it clean.

A set of 2 with a talisman print of"Sanguwa".

[Size guide]
S:4 to 5 years old Estimated M:6 to 8 years old Estimated L:9 to 12 years old Estimated

♡ We use natural fiber material that is gentle on the skin and has hygroscopicity.

♡ A piece of fabric is used to make it easier for children to breathe.

♡ The central sewing margin becomes a bridge to secure the internal space.

♡ Since there is no top and bottom, children can wear it without worrying about it.

♡ Okinawa amulet"Sanguwa"is included in the print.

[Precautions for use]

It is not intended to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria, but is an etiquette mask to prevent coughing, sneezing, and scattering of droplets due to conversation.
Be sure to wash it cleanly immediately after purchase and after wearing it to keep it clean.
Tumble drying should be done at your own risk, paying close attention to heat damage and shape loss.

Please be careful when wearing it during strenuous exercise or in an environment with high temperature and humidity. Do not use if there is a decrease in oxygen breathing or if there is a risk of heat stroke.

What is Sanguwa? ] The leaves of gramineous plants and the leaves of Basho are tied in a cross shape, and are used as a"guard"to protect food taken outdoors from evil.
In recent years, it doesn't matter what material you use, such as vinyl strings, and you can tie things that are close to you to make it"Sanguwa (san)".
It is an Okinawan amulet that can be used instantly, so it can be used in all situations. Designed for the safety and health of children (warabi).

93% polyester, 7% polyurethane
Country of origin:Made in Japan

[Item details]
Size:S, M, L,

[Item size]

S size ( 4 to 5 years old (approximate):length/10.5 cm, width (half fold)/12.5 cm

M size (
6 to 8 years old (approximate):length/11.5 cm, width (Half fold)/13.5cm

L size
( 9 to 12 years old (approximate):length/12.5 cm, width (Half fold)/15cm

Kids model:Wearing M size