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Sogu rabi, werabi, masked, mask, dry and light type (2 cards).


A mask that can no longer be devoid of daily life of children.

This is a piece of ethkett mask that is easy to breathe in the active children.

It's not up and down, so I can wear it without care in my little child.

Because the use of antibacterial materials with antibacterial antibacterial effects by silver ions is used, it is safe to prevent the breeding of germs and also to smell the odor.

It is quick to dry and dry, so it is easy to wash and dry, even if it is easy to wash.Of course, you can use a tumble with a tumble, so you can keep it cleaner.

Two sets of the amulet print of "Sangu rusu" (russage).

[Mean of Size]
S: 4-5-year-old Mean M: 6-8-year-old) L: 9-12 years old, at the age of 12

♡ I use natural fiber materials, which are soft to the skin and moisture.

♡ The child was a piece of fabric to make it easy to breathe.

♡ The center stitches become bridges to secure internal space.

♡ As it is not up and down, the child can be fitted with no care.

♡ This is the printing of Okinawan 'san-hu-hu' (a Japanese amulet) in Okinawa.

[Usage notes]

It is not an effective way to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria, and is an ethic mask that cough cough and reduce the scattering of droplets by conversation.
Be sure to wash and clean after you purchase, and keep clean.
You should be responsible for the tumble dryness and the damage caused by the heat and the reversal of the type.


Be very careful when wearing in an environment with intense exercise and high temperature and humidity.Do not use it when there is a risk of oxygen breathing or a thermopathy.


Sangu refers to the leaves of the plants of the Ineaceae, and the cruciferous lobes of the leaves of Basho, and are used as 'Omamori' (Omamori), which protect the food that is taken out outdoors from the evil.
In recent years, the materials such as vinyl straps are not possible, and the 'san' (san) - o-hu (a kind of 'san' - san-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o) is used for
It is a good luck charm in Okinawa that can be used in every scene so that it can be instantly rubbishable.I designed and designed for the safety and health of children.

Polyester, 93 %, polyurethane 7 %.
Country of origin: Made in Japan

[Item Details]
Color: gray
Size: S, M, L,

[Item Size]

S size (4 years old to 5 years old): Vertical/10.5cm, Side by half-fold/12.5cm

M size (6 years old to 8 years old): Vertical/11.5cm, Horizontal(Half-fold)/13.5cm

L size(9 to 12 years old): Vertical/12.5cm, Horizontal(Half-fold) /15 cm

Kids Model: S-Size