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Foot / Crape Sole (MNB-015CR-S)

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Skateboard culture when you are young
Experience and work on creative 30s
Shoes brand born in the target.

Do not have a scor of play and work,
A little bit of greedy to enjoy
Image of a bad adult.

Learn × Similar = Conscious of Manv,
The "now" element that feels like that time
It is reflected in a foot without a habit.


Upper: Suede Leather, Sole: Rubber
  Country of origin: Thailand

【Details of the item】

  Color:Suede light gray

[Item size] 

3824 cm
4025 cm
4126 cm
4227 cm
ManebuIt is a unique size notation.

Shoes design, material, foot width
Individual differences in wearing due to the height of A
It will occur, so understand as a guide
please give me.