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Visibility check?The Gauer F/Z Parker Kids


"I was wondering if my eyesight has deteriorated recently ...

So that you can have your eyesight tested anytime, anywhere

I thought about such a design. 』\

* Cannot be used for actual eyesight test !!

Cotton: 100%
Country of origin :China, Indonesia

When washing, we recommend turning the shirt over and washing it separately from the products that easily transfer colors.
Using a dryer can cause shrinkage, so we recommend that you avoid using it as much as possible.

[Item details]
Color: Black
Size: 110, 130, 150,

[Item size]

110 :Length 44 / Width 35 / Shoulder width 29/Sleeve length 40

130 :Length 51 / Width 40 / Shoulder width 35/Sleeve length 45

150:Length 58/Width 47/Shoulder width 40/Sleeve length 53