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Vision test? Goyer F / Z Parker

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"I thought that the vision has fallen recently ....

In order to be able to inspect visual acuity any time,

I thought about such a design. "
※ It can not be used for actual vision inspection!!

Code with parent and child with abundant size development
It is a popular series that you can enjoy! !


country of origin:made in China


When washing, turn over the shirt and make it easy to move
We recommend the product with the product.

The use of dryers also causes shrinkage, so
We recommend that you avoid using as much as possible.

【Details of the item】


[Item size]

S: Length 62/ Width 52/ Shoulder width44/Sleeve Length 56
M: Length 66/ Width 55/ Shoulder width48/Sleeve Length 60
L: Length 70/ Width 58/ Shoulder width52/Sleeve Length 61
LL: Length75 / Width 63/ Shoulder width55/Sleeve Length 62
3L: Length 80/ Width 68/ Shoulder width58/Sleeve Length63 
Male model: height170 cm LSizes