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Soki soba: Big t with one point embroidery pop

Uchina Makai (Okinawa Sakai)Safe,
Soki (boiled pork rib), Kamaboko,
Okinawa soba who had a standard tool

Of course, it is essential to thatRed-yellow

Okinawa Sole Food in Rough Touch Illustration
Express to iconic.

Straight illustrations that do not put letters etc. are
A modest and claims.

Surru & Pop High Quality
One point embroidery Poke Big T.

"Okinawa Little Dead Menu Tag One Point
Big T with embroidery Poke
And in series
Please enjoy.


country of origin:made in China


· Excessive friction and iron of the printed part
Please avoid ..

· The embroidery part is by repeating wearing or washing
There may be no yarn.
At that time, please handle politely with scissors etc.

【Details of the item】

ColorSand khaki
size: S,ML, LL

[Item size]

S : Length 65/ Width 55Shoulder width 52/Sleeve length 21
M: Length 69/ Width 69Shoulder width 55/Sleeve length 23
L: Length 73/ Width 61Shoulder width 58/Sleeve length 25
LL: Length 77/ Width 64Shoulder width 61/Sleeve length 27
Model: Height170 cm LSizes