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Memory cafeteria menu tag: one point embroidery Poke with big t

Menu tag of old-fashioned mass cafeteria.

Extra information is zero, red and white tags
Only the title and price are only.

This is the case, Okinawa pop art
It may be an art piece ....

A sense of modest and claims strongly
Menu tag of the public dining room.

Surru & Pop High Quality
One point embroidery Poke Big T.

"Soki Soba One Point Embroidery Poke with Big T"
Please enjoy with the series.


country of origin:made in China


· Excessive friction and iron of the printed part
Please avoid.

· The embroidery part is by repeating wearing or washing
There may be no yarn.

At that time, please handle politely with scissors etc.

【Details of the item】

size: S,ML, LL

[Item size]

S : Length 65/ Width 55Shoulder width 52/Sleeve length 21
M: Length 69/ Width 69Shoulder width 55/Sleeve length 23
L: Length 73/ Width 61Shoulder width 58/Sleeve length 25
LL: Length 77/ Width 64Shoulder width 61/Sleeve length 27
Model: Height 148cm sSizes