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About delivery method

At the HABUBOX online store, the purchase price is 10,000 yen or more (tax included 11,000 yen or more), and free shipping is available nationwide . For other shipping costs, please choose the method below depending on the quantity and size of the item.

① Normal delivery
800 yen (tax included) in Japan other than Okinawa prefecture, 500 yen (tax included) in Okinawa prefecture.

② Nekoposu flight
Post-mailing will be done for 400 yen (tax included) nationwide.
However, the weight is 300g or less (1 for T-shirts and Polo Yushi)
(* 1) The packing method for T-shirts is different from ①.

③ DM flight
Post-mailing will be done for 200 yen (tax included) nationwide, but the weight is 100g or less (up to 5 for masks and 2 for socks. T-shirts and other clothing are not included)

If you are subject to (2) and (3), check items will be displayed on the delivery method selection screen at checkout as shown below, so please select the desired delivery method. (If you want to select ②③ with cheap shipping, please be sure to select on this screen)

* If you wish to deliver one T-shirt by Nekoposu (2), remove the box and put it in a plastic bag instead of the"T-shirt wrapped in a box"as described in the item description. Please note that it will be shipped in the same state.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form .