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A shoe brand born targeting people in their thirties who experience skateboarding culture when they are young and are active creatively.

Imagine a slightly bad adult who is greedy for fun and has no barrier between play and work.

I am conscious of learning x imitating=maneb, and generously reflect the"now"elements that I feel at that time at my feet.

  upper :Cowhide, sole:rubber Country of origin:Thailand

[Item details]
Size: 38 , 39 , 40 , 41 , 42 , 43

[Item size] 

38 : 24cm

  40 : 25 cm

  41 : 26cm

  42 : 27cm

  43 : 28cm

* MANEBU's original size notation.

* The feeling of wearing may vary from person to person depending on the design and material of the shoes, the width of the foot and the height of the instep, so please understand this as a guide only.