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Lipstop sacosh


Moderate storage power and compactness are attractive,
Recently, from easyness and fashion
Music festivals and town use items
Even if it is noticed, the sakoshish.

Original name tag is one point
And let me get an outdoors
It will give you.

Corresponds to the original use of Sakoshosh
We adopt water repellent fabric of lipstop.

With fastener specification and carabiner,
Specifications and specifications that can be removed smartly
It is.

There is an inner pocket
It is easy to take out.

Lightweight, high-strength lipstop (tear prevention)
Because we use fabric, excellent durability
Points to last longer.

It is a nylon material, and folding
It was a little bit because it can be done easily
Of course, travel
Recommended as a subbag.

【Lipstop Fabric】

Lipstop fabric is grid-like on the material of the material
Fabric with nylon fiber sewn.

Because nylon fiber is very strong in strength, wear,
The intensity of the blended fabric is significantly improved.

I was sewn even if my fabric tears
Nylon fiber has more progress
Because it will stop eating,Used for tough
It is also a feature that can be done.


Nylon: 100% (water repellent)
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Size: Free

[Item size]

Horizontal: 23.5 cm

Vertical: 16 cm

Shoulder strap: 152 cm (adjustable)