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Craft Big Tote

I was particular about detailed details and atmosphere
Big size tote bag.

The more you use it, the better the texture will change over time
It is a texture and color that you can enjoy.

For work, mama bags, traveling
A large -capacity bag that is perfect for shopping and camping.

There is a pocket inside, and the outside is both on both sides
There is a pocket with a functional design
It has a distinctive design.

The original paper tag is one point
It is, and it complements the American casual feeling
Give me.

 Cotton: 100%
 Country of origin: Made in China


 Due to the characteristics of the material, due to rain, sweat, and friction during use
 The color may be transferred, so enough
be careful.

Please divide with other products when washing.

[Item details]

Color:Amy green
Size: Free

[Item size]

Vertical: 36cm
Side: 61cm
Town: 16.5cm
Handle: 59.5cm
Contents: Approximately 36L