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Orion Lantern Towel (Island Ashibi Towel)


It is a collaboration item of"Orion Beer"and"HABU BOX"!

Collaboration goods towel with lanterns of Orion beer, which is familiar in Okinawa stalls.

Just looking at the design makes me feel good ♪

Since it is a large size of 126 x 32.5 cm, it can be used in various scenes.

[A luxury gift devised by Habubox?]
Made in Japan with 100% cotton, the quality is nice to receive as a gift or gift.
It is relatively reasonable and the price is friendly to the giver.

[Island Ashibi Towel=Island Play Towel]
A slightly larger HabuBox original towel that combines a playful design derived from Okinawa with the concept of"a towel that can be used anywhere in hot Okinawa".

Country of origin:Japan

[Item details]
Color:White Size:Free

[Item size]

Length:126 cm