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Linen big shirts


A big silhouette ladies shirt made from linen fabric woven in Japan using high quality, long-haired French linen.

The feeling of piercing the skin, which is peculiar to linen cloth, is extremely low, so it is comfortable to wear.

By applying cool crush processing, the fibers are gently beaten and loosened, resulting in a soft, fluffy, wash-like washer-shaped finish.

On the other hand, it is processed so that it does not wrinkle easily after washing, so you can wear it with a good texture even after washing.

[Heart Ha pattern]
A pattern drawn by printmaker Bokunen for Lequiosian.

It is a lovely pattern with heart-shaped leaves, reminiscent of a heart-beating heartbeat.

[Kariyushi wear]
Lequiosian's garment workshop is certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association and produces Kariyushi.

This product has a trademark tag as a genuine Kariyushi product.

You can wear it not only for formal scenes such as Okinawa business, parties, resort weddings, but also formal (abbreviated) scenes.

Country of origin:Japan Okinawa

[Item details]
Color:Off Size:Free

[Item size]



Sleeve length:58


Model height:155cm