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Ox Button Down: Squid


SS Size ~ 4L Size Wide Size
Cover, but received orders
It will be produced from.

20 days (business day) until you deliver to your hand
As we have received, when ordering
Please be forewarned.

2017, 2018 special popularity
I reprinted the waishirt Kari Yushi.

100% cotton with excellent durability
Like Cyan with Ox Fabric
It is a standard item.

From the business scene of Okinawa,
Resort wedding,
To the casual scene,
Enjoy a wide range of wearing.

This work "Ikauchi" is the original pattern
I will enter the pattern with the pattern.

"Squid" is lightning and lightning
It is an abstraction pattern.

Lightning crest to look in red mold,
Tradition and modern crossover
I'm trying.

The dynamic jagged pattern is
It was used for traditional red patterns.

It is said that men are especially worn by men.

Because lightning is a big sound, it is a brave pattern
It is like a thought.

As a palaei, it is also a pattern of childhood trap
It was used.

Lightning, thunder is also a symbol of dragon,
Bring rain to farming,
It is also the Kichijo crest of Toyosu.

In the red line, I do not say "Ikauchi",
In the old Japanese language,
It is a sense of awe to the power of nature
I got a strong word as a title.


A plain weave fabric woven with two yarns.

Soft-woven soft fabric
I have a specification.

The more you wear, the more you get in touch,
It becomes soft.

Wash it is also possible to wear it.

【Kariyushi Wear】

Requiocyan sewing studio is
Okinawa clothing sewing product industrial union
Received the accreditation and
I am producing.

Okinawa business and parties,
Resort wedding
Of course the formal scene,
Informal (abbreviation) scene
You can wear it.

This item is Kariyoshi
As a genuine item, the trademark budget


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: White
Size: SS, S, M, L,LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS: Length 66 / Shoulder Width 39 / Width 50 / Length 23
S: Length 68 / Shoulder Width 41.5 / Width 53 / Its Length 24
M: Length 70 / Shoulder width 44 / Width 56 / Isolated Length 25
L: Length 72 / Shoulder width 46.5 / Width 59 / Isolated length 26
LL: Length 73.5 / Shoulder Width 49 / Width 62 / Isolated 27
3L: Length 75 / Shoulder Width 51.5 / Width 65 / Length 28
4L: Length 76.5 / Shoulder width 54 / Width 68 / Isolated 29
Model: Height 170 cm M size for size