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Ox Button Down:Ikazuchi


We cover a wide range of sizes from SS size to 4L size, but it will be produced after receiving an order.

Please note that it takes 20 days (business days) to deliver the product to you when you place an order.

We have reprinted the shirt Kariyushi, which was especially popular in 2017 and 2018.

It is a standard item of Lequiosian using 100% cotton ox fabric with excellent durability.

Please enjoy a wide range of wear from the business scene of Okinawa to the resort wedding and casual scenes.

In this work"Ikazuchi", the original pattern is included in the front body by matching the pattern.

"Ikazuchi"is an abstract pattern of lightning and thunder.

We are trying to cross over traditional and modern with the motif of the lightning bolt seen in Bingata.

The dynamic jagged pattern was used for the traditional Bingata pattern.

It is said to have been worn especially by men.

The lightning makes a loud noise, so it seems that it was considered a brave pattern.

It was also used as a pattern for mascots for young children as a disease-free ward.

Lightning and thunder are also symbols of dragons and auspicious crests of fertility that bring rain to agriculture.

In Bingata, we don't call it"squid", but the old Japanese word"squid spirit"is the etymology, and the title is a strong word with awe of the power of nature. rice field.

A plain weave fabric woven by aligning two threads.

We use soft and thick fabrics woven in Japan.

The more you wear it, the more texture it gets and the softer it becomes. The texture of bleached wash is also recommended.

[Kariyushi wear]
Lequiosian's garment workshop is certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association and produces Kariyushi.

This product has a trademark tag as a genuine Kariyushi product.

You can wear it not only for formal scenes such as Okinawa business, parties, resort weddings, but also formal (abbreviated) scenes.

Country of origin:Japan Okinawa

[Item details]
Color:White Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS:Length 66/Shoulder width 39/Width 50/Sleeve length 23

S:Length 68/Shoulder width 41.5/Width 53/Sleeve length 24

M:Length 70/Shoulder width 44/Width 56/Sleeve length 25

L:Length 72/Shoulder width 46.5/Width 59/Sleeve length 26

XL:Length 73.5/Shoulder width 49/Width 62/Sleeve length 27

3L:Length 75/Shoulder width 51.5/Width 65/Sleeve length 28

4L :Length 76.5/Shoulder width 54/Width 68/Sleeve length 29

Model:Height 170cm M size wearing