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HAMMER (Makeman's Colabo)


Okinawa's home improvement store"Makeman"loved by local DIY rubber

The point is Makey-kun, who everyone knows, and a full-scale hammer.

[What is Makeman]
In 1975, he founded Makeman Urasoe as a retail division of Nago Iron Works. It is also a pioneer of"DIY"in Okinawa prefecture.

At the time of its founding, it was the year of Expo '75 at the Okinawa International Ocean Expo, and it was the beginning of the era of mass consumption. The founding focused on the activation of consumer life of Okinawans, and was the ninth home improvement store in Japan to open, ahead of the times.

At that time, we visited the home of America and imported products directly. This trade advancement has also set us apart from other companies.

Currently, we are developing 9 stores in Okinawa prefecture. Regardless of professional or amateur, we are proposing a wide range of fun and know-how in manufacturing.

Country of origin:Made in China

[Item details]
Color:Black Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS:Length 62/Width 46/Sleeve length 18

S:Length 65/Width 49/Sleeve length 19

M:Length 69/Width 52/Sleeve length 20

L:Length 73/Width 55/Sleeve length 22

LL:Length 77/Width 58/Sleeve length 24

3L:Length 81/Width 63/Sleeve length 25

4L:Length 84/Width 68/Sleeve length 26

Height:153 cm wearing SS size