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Ox Button Down:Nirai Kanai


Wide range of sizes up to SS size 4L sizeを
I cover it, but I got an orderて
Will be produced from。

20 business days until delivery)を
We have received it, so when you place an orderは
Please be forewarned。

2017 2018 was especially popularた
Reprinted shirt Kariyushi。

Durable cotton 100の
Lequiosian using ox fabric
It is a standard item。

The original pattern is bold throughout the back

Contrary to the back style, the front isは
Unified with clean white。

The contrast between the intense sunlight and the shade
Unique to Lequiosian as reflectedの
It is a shade of white & black。

Pattern motif

『Nirai Kanai is a Ryukyu classic ware焼や
  See in Yachimun, an old pot shop、
  Exotic utopia
  A tribute to the picture。
  Powerful and generous handwriting of Okinawa、
  With the handwriting of digital sampling

  The fantasy people Lequiosian crossing the sea
  It is a piece that imaged a parable。


Plain weave fabric woven with two threads aligned。

Soft and thick fabric woven in Japan

The more you wear it, the more texture you get、
Will be soft。

You can wear it even if you wash it。

【Nirai Kanai pattern】

『What is Nirai Kanai in folk beliefs?見る、
  It ’s an utopia over the sea.。

【Ryukyu classic ware】

What is Ryukyu classical ware? From the late Meiji era to the Taisho era大正、
Made in Okinawa Tsuboya until the early Showa periodた
A kind of pottery。

Made commercially mainly for the mainland、
Exotic patterns
The feature is that it is given。

In the growing folk art movement at that time、
To the extent that it is viewed negatively、
There was a rough technique,、
I gave it to the later Okinawan pottery
The impact is also great。

【Kariyushi wear】

Lequiosian sewing workshop、
Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association
Get certified and Kariyushiを

Okinawa business and partiesー、
Resort weddings, etc.
Not to mention the formal scene、
In the informal scene
You can wear it。

This item is a genuine Kariyushi productて、
Trademark tag is attached。


  100% cotton%
  Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県

【Item details】

  Color whiteト
  Size SS SMLLL3L4LL、3L、4L

【Item size】 

  SS Length 66 Shoulder width 39 Width 50 Sleeve length 23丈 23
  S Length 68 Shoulder width 41.5 Width 53 Sleeve length 24丈 24
  M Length 70 Shoulder width 44 Width 56 Sleeve length 25丈 25
  L Length 72 Shoulder width 46.5 Width 59 Sleeve length 26丈 26
  XL Length 73.5 Shoulder width 49 Width 62 Sleeve length 27丈 27
  3L Length 75 Shoulder width 51.5 Width 65 Sleeve length 28丈 28
  4L:Length 76.5 Shoulder width 54 Width 68 Sleeve length 29 29