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Front Tack Cocoon Blouse: Tender Curth

Thermal polytro (polyester
Using tropical crosses,
A blouse for a total pattern.

There is a solid tension and kosi,
Breathable, lightweight, lighter,
Featuring a fitness.

The tack of the hem is narrowed and
Features of rounded silhouettes.

Relax in the over size
I can wear it.

It is difficult to become a wrinkle even with a washing
As it is easy to dry, cleaning is easy.

Total pattern print is in-house silk screen
It was finished with a hand scraping by the workshop.

High fastness and light resistance print.

【Van-Silplasting: Naka Riko】

Guava, which is native to Okinawa, Banjiro.

It is riped in the summer of young summer
Sweet reward.

In Okinawa, people who are planting van silux trees in the garden
The leaves are dried and decocated as tea
It is loved as a private medicine.

Fruits are refreshing in the room
The fruit scent spreads to the room full.


100% polyester%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: Brick
Size: F

[Item size]

Length 62
Width 59.5
Length 55.5
Court 19