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Balloon Sleeve Blouse: Tender Cross


Thickly polytro (polyester
Lopical Cross)
A blouse for a total pattern.

There is a solid tension and kosi,
Breathable, lightweight, lighter,
Featuring a fitness.

Broadly bulge balloon-like sleeve.

With feminine soft impression,
I can see my arms smartly
There is also a contrast effect.

It is difficult to become a wrinkle even with a washing
As it is easy to dry, cleaning is easy.

Total pattern print is in-house silk screen
It was finished with a hand scraping by the workshop.

High fastness and light resistance print.

[Sango Dama Pattern: Naka Riko]
When I look into the reef pond: sun,
Colocolo and a group of corals.

Pattern designed to motif such coral

One scene of a focusless fake of Okinawa
It is a graphic that has been cut off.
Coral sphere to gather on the sandy beach


100% polyester%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: Gray
Size: F

[Item size]