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Balloon sleeve blouse:tender cloth


A blouse with a full pattern print using thick polytro (polyester tropical cloth).

It has firm tension and elasticity, has good breathability, is lightweight for the thickness of the fabric, and is characterized by a silky feel.

It features a large balloon-shaped sleeve. It has a feminine, fluffy and gentle impression, and has a contrasting effect that makes your arms look slender and smart.

It doesn't wrinkle easily even after washing, and it dries easily, so it's easy to clean.

The total pattern print is hand-printed by our own silk screen studio. It is a print with high fastness and excellent light resistance.

[Coral pattern:Eriko Naka]
When you look into Ino (reef pond:Shochi), you will see coral balls that grow in clusters. It is a pattern designed with such a coral as a motif. It is a graphic that looks like a scene from a casual foot in Okinawa.

100% polyester%
Country of origin:Japan Okinawa

[Item details]
Color:Beige Size:F

[Item size]

Length 62

Width 58

Sleeve length 56