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A round bag


A shoulder bag of just the right size using Bacchus material.

It is a cute bag that is plump and round, and has a small presence.

The simple silhouette allows you to coordinate with various styles.

[Coral pattern:by Eriko Naka]

When you look into Ino (reef pond:Shochi), you will see coral balls that grow in clusters.

A pattern designed with such a coral as a motif.

It is a graphic that looks like a scene from a casual foot in Okinawa.

[What is Bacchus]
A type of plain weave canvas used in the bag used to squeeze sake with"moromi"at a sake brewery.

It is a material that is supple, durable, and you can enjoy a natural texture that becomes familiar as you use it.

It is a natural material that does not generate static electricity.

Cotton:100% (Bacchus)
Country of origin:Japan

[Item details]
Color:Generated Size:ONE

[Item size]

Width:45 cm

Height:26.5 cm

Handle:32 cm

Inner pocket (large)/length:14.5 cm / width:15.5 cm

Inner pocket (small)/length:14.5 cm / width:8 cm