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Maruke (Van Silley)


Just good size using Bucker material
It is a shoulder back.

There is a lot of rounds and it is small
It is a cute bag with a sense of presence.

Because it is a simple silhouette, various
Coordinate according to style
It spreads.

[Van-silic pattern: Nakasaki]

Bansiru is Guava.

It is widely in Okinawa and is nemantic of summer fruit.

I was illuminated by a fresh sunny sun
Van Silo looks at the shade, cratic
The fruit of the Mandaru is a hiding story in preparation for summer.

In Okinawa, Van Silo trees in the garden
Many people are planting,
Leaves are dried
Decained as tea and loved as a private medicine

The fruit is put in the room,
Refreshing fragrant aroma is full of rooms
It spreads.

【What is Bakkas】

Put "Moromi" in a built liquor store and drink
It was used in the bag used to narrow,
A kind of plain weaving.

Snow, strong, familiar to use
It is a material that enjoys natural texture.

It is a natural material that does not cause static electricity.


Cotton: 100% (Baccus)
Country of origin: Japan

【Details of the item】

Color: Dark Brown
Size: ONE

[Item size]

Width: 45 cm
Height: 26.5cm
Handle: 32cm
Inside pocket (large) / vertical: 14.5 cmHorizontal: 15.5 cm
Inside pocket (small) / vertical: 14.5 cmHorizontal: 8 cm