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A solid bag


A shoulder bag of just the right size using Bacchus material.

It is a cute bag that is plump and round, and has a small presence.

The simple silhouette allows you to coordinate with various styles.

[Banshiru pattern:by Eriko Naka]
Bansiloo is a guava. Widely native to Okinawa, it is synonymous with summer fruits.

Bansiloo, lit by the refreshing sun of young summer, is ripe, and the fruits of the round circles peeking in the shade of the trees talk secretly in preparation for the summer.
In Okinawa, many people plant Bansiloo trees in their gardens, and the leaves are dried and decocted as tea, which is loved as a folk medicine. Simply leave the fruit in the room and the refreshing scent of fruit will spread throughout the room.

[What is Bacchus]
A type of plain weave canvas used in the bag used to squeeze sake with"moromi"at a sake brewery.

It is a material that is supple, durable, and you can enjoy a natural texture that becomes familiar as you use it.

It is a natural material that does not generate static electricity.

Cotton:100% (Bacchus)
Country of origin:Japan

[Item details]
Color:Dark brown Size:ONE

[Item size]

Width:45 cm

Height:26.5 cm

Handle:32 cm

Inner pocket (large)/length:14.5 cm / width:15.5 cm

Inner pocket (small)/length:14.5 cm / width:8 cm