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Short-sleeved linen shirt:Gyomon

 Lequiosian classic shirt Kariyushiし〟。
This time I used high quality Japanese linen
Tailored with short-sleeved button-down。

Also used for Lequiosian classic big shirts、
The well-established Japanese linen has linenつ
Powerful tension and supple drape感、
While having an elegant and unpretentious luster、
Cool crush processing for skin stabs, which is a difficult pointに
The feature is that it is suppressed to the limit.。

It has a soft touch that feels like it has been rubbed and loosened.が
It is a feature。
By wearing it, the texture will increase and it will be on your skin.に

Linen is about four times as much as cotton
Has hygroscopicity。
father、Because it has excellent breathability、
Natural suitable for hot and humid environment
It is a functional material。

And above all, it ’s durable.。

【Picture Gyomon】

Fish sentence is Okinawa's Yachimun pottery陶芸品)
Auspicious patterns that are also diverse。

Seafood is a symbol of affluence in many maritime nationsで
Has been drawn universally。

In the fish pattern drawn on that Yachimun
It is a pattern that was inspired and drawn。

Scraped inlays, jumping planes, etc.ンの
It is also that the technique is expressed by digital technology
It is a highlight。

The pattern is dyed and printed at the Yomitan Headquarters in Okinawa.の
A craftsman at a silk screen studioが
Hand printed。

Silkscreen's unique edgy
Enjoy the contrast between black and white。

【Kariyushi wear】

Lequiosian sewing workshop、
Certified by Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association、
Produces Kariyushi。

Okinawa business and partiesー、
Resort weddings, etc.
Not to mention the formal scene、
In the informal scene
You can wear it。

This item is a genuine Kariyushi productて、
Trademark tag is attached。


100% hemp
Country of origin Made in Japan製

※By applying cool crush processing、
Gently beat the fibers to loosen them softlyで
Puffy, washed-out windの
Has a washer-shaped finish。

【Item details】

 Color off whiteト
 Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県

【Item size】

SS Length 66 Shoulder width 39 Width 50 Sleeve length 23丈 23
S Length 68 Shoulder width 41.5 Width 53 Sleeve length 24丈 24
M Length 70 Shoulder width 44 Width 56 Sleeve length 25丈 25
L Length 72 Shoulder width 46.5 Width 59 Sleeve length 26丈 26
XL Length 73.5 Shoulder width 49 Width 62 Sleeve length 27丈 27
3L Length 75 Shoulder width 51.5 Width 65 Sleeve length 28丈 28
4L:Length 76.5 Shoulder width 54 Width 68 Sleeve length 29 29
Model height 170 cm wearing M size用