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Sanugu-Warabi Mask Antibacterial Dry & Light Type (2 Disc Set)

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Mask that can not be essential for children's daily life.

It is an etching mask of a single-piece fabric that is easy to breathe with children who are active.

Because there is no upper and lower, you can wear it without worrying with a small child.

Since a high-tech antibacterial material with an antimicrobial effect by silver ions is used, it prevents bacterial growth and relieved with deodorizing.

Because there is a hygroscopic fast drying, it is easy to dry even if it is washed. Of course, tumble clothes dryers can also be used, so you can keep it clean.

There is a set of 2 sets of amulet printing of "Sagu."

[Size of size]
S: 4 to 5 years old M: 6 to 8 years old L: 9 to 12 years old

♡ I use natural fiber materials that are kind and hygroscopic.

♡ As my children are easy to breathe, I made a piece of fabric.

♡ The central sewing fee is bridge and secures internal space.

♡ Because there is no upper and lower, you can wear it without worrying about your child.

♡ It is a print of Okinawa amulet "San Goo."

[Precautions for use]

It is an etching mask to prevent the effect of preventing the inhalation of virus and bacteria, not her, coughing, coughing and splashing by conversation.
Immediately after the purchase, be sure to wash it clean and keep it clean after wearing.
Tumble drying should be carefully careful with heat damage and broken down.

Be careful about wearing in intense exercise or high temperature humidity environment. Do not use if there is a risk of oxygen breathing or heat stroke.


【What is Sangu ゎ (Mr.)? ] Apenian plants leaves and sinks of the leaves of the sea are connected to the cross, and they are used as "protection" to protect the food from being taken outdoors.
In recent years, the material such as vinyl cords does not spare, and it is "Sangu ゎ (Mr.)" by making it familiar with it.
It is an amulet of Okinawa, which can be used close to every situation, as it can be easily done. I wish you the safety and health of children (Waraba).

Polyester 93%, Polyurethane 7%
Country of origin: Made in Japan

【Details of the item】
Color:Ash Denim
Size: S, M, L,

[Item size]

S size (4 to 5 years old): Vertical / 10.5 cm, horizontal (half-width) / 12.5 cm

M size (6 to 8 years old): Vertical / 11.5 cm, horizontal(Halfdress) / 13.5 cm

L size(9 to 12 years old): Vertical / 12.5 cm, horizontal(Halfrot) / 15 cm