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Camp Best:Twill

Large capacity multi-pocket vest。

In the camping and outdoor leisure sceneは
Of course for going out with small childrenの
Highly recommended as a bag for moms and dads to wearすめ

In M size for women and L size for men、
Specifications that give each room。

The strap adjuster is omitted for a refreshing look.と
I summarized it in the impression that I did。

Also, the metal fittings for belt feeding are on the chest and shoulders.の
I hugged a small child when I was in positionた
Sometimes it hits my face and it ’s dangerous.す。

Considering that, I dare to adjustを

The large pocket on the back keeps things onを
You can put it in and out from either the left or right mouthも
Can be accessed。

Both front bodies are also in large pockets
It ’s like a bag to wear”です。

Besides, the sorting pocket and the frontの
There are patch pockets, etc.を
Disperse and store and keep it on your belongingsに
Because it can be accessed quickly, it can be used outdoorsや
In the family of mom and dad
In the outing scene, than a bagも
Should be useful。

For example, the load is distributed to the front and back of the body compared to a backpack.散
Because you can do it, you can balance it and reduce fatigue.す。

The shoulder straps are also wide and durable tape、
Familiar with your shoulders to relieve pressure。

It has a light impression and is comfortable to wear for its appearance.。
So that both men and women look beautiful、
I was particular about the chest cutting line。
Even if you wear it at the front open, it will flutterり
The placket line is arranged so that it does not
Make a casual look。

With a good work feeling that does not become ruggedで

There are many ways to use it depending on your ideas.
Camp vest。

There is no doubt that it will be a big success besides camping!!



Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県
Coolmax fabricは、
A high-performance fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly.。

Provides a cool, dry and comfortable fit all day long、
Bring out performance。

Item details

 (It is a general-purpose material that is durable, less likely to wrinkle, and resistant to discoloration.。
    Plain and modern。)

  Size ML、L

Item size

   M Length 68 Width 5656
   L Length 73 Width 6262

Model wearing size

Female height 158 cm M sizeズ
Male height 174 cm L sizeズ