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Campvest; Denim

Large capacity multi pocket vest.

Camping and outdoor, leisure scene
Of course, for outgoing with a small child
Mom, dad wearing a dad, also

Women's M size and Male L size,
Specifications with each room.

The strap adjuster is omitted and refreshing
I summarized the impression.

Then, the brellar feed breast and shoulders
When it was in the position, I hugged a small child
Sometimes I hit my face and dangerous.

In consideration of that, adjustasta
I saved it.

A big pocket on his back is wearing a wear
It is possible to put out, and the left and right mouth
You can access it.

The whole legal body is also a big pocket
It is, it is a bag to wear.

Besides, sorting pockets or front
There is a patch pocket, etc.
Distributed and stored, and wear it
Because it can be accessed quickly, the outdoors and
Mom-san Daddy's family
In the scene, it is more than the bag
It should be active in convenient.

For example, compared to the rucksack, the load is dispersed before and after the body
As we can, balance and reduce fatigue.

Because the shoulder strap is also a wide durable tape,
I am familiar with my shoulders and relieve the pressure.

It is a pleasant impression and comfortable wearing.
In addition to both men and women, it looks like it is beautiful,
I was also committed to the chest cutting line.

Even if you wear it with a front opening,
The prenatal line that is uniform
I will make a look casually.

With a sense of good work
I summarized it.

How to use according to ideas
Camping vest.

There is no doubt a big success other than the camp! !


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Cool Max® Fabric】

Cool Max® Fabric
High-performance fabric with water absorption speed dryness.

Provide a cool and comfortable wearing comfort all day long day,
Pull out the performance.

【Details of the item】

(Japanese denim, which increases the taste enough to wear.
Workstyles. )
Size: M, L

[Item size]

M: Length 68 / Width 56
L: Length 73 / Width 62

Women model: height 158 ​​cm M size wear
Male model: Height 174 cm L size wear