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Happy Monster Fruit 2024


A good lucky beast and a fruit bearing its name
Or surrounded by auspicious fruits,
I want you to have a happy day.

It is a design with such a wish.
[Pattern motif]

[Main pattern]
・ Dragon / Dragon Fruit (Fire Dragon Fruit)

・ Phoenix / pineapple (Otori)

・ Shisa / Banana

[Background pattern]
・ Monstera

・ Palm leaves

[What is Poro Yushi]

Poro Yushi isOkinawan plants and traditional culture,
A characteristic pattern with the climate as a motif,
It is a cut -sokers derived from a polo shirt.

As for the meaning and origin of words,
"Kiyoshi (
The accent → "Poro Yushi"
It is a coined word read.

In the sense of "Koyoshi = somehow good"
Expressing ease.

In Okinawa PrefectureResort wear and business wear
It is also familiar.

Fabric used for sportswear
I'm using.

Excellent stretchabilityin,Sweat -absorbing and quick -drying functiontoo
There is so comfortable.

The part that touches the skin is made of cotton materialSo
The touch is soft.

It is hard to be wrinkledNo ironing required "
Besides"OK to use a dryer!"

of course,“It is easy to dry even with drying room”and

* Poroyushi® isHabubox registered trademarkis.


Polyester: 75%, cotton: 25%
Country of origin: Made in China

[Item details]

Color: Green
Size: SS, S, M, L,LL, 3L

[Item size]

SS: Length 63 / shoulder width 37 / Width 46 / Sodeme length 21
S: Length 67 / shoulder width 41 / Width 49 / Sodeme length 21
M: Length 69 / Shoulder width 44 / Width 52 / Sodeme length 21
L: Length 72 / Shoulder width 46 / Width 55 / Sodeme length 23
LL: Length 75 / Shoulder width 48 / Width 58 / Sodeme length 23.5
3L: Length 79 / shoulder width 51 / Width 61 / Sodeme length 25