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Only in the tropical country around Okinawan mansions
Planting is softened.

Some of them also have good medicinal herbs for the body.

The southern wind carries good luck there.

In Okinawa, Shin -South Wind says "Good luck"
It is said.

Pattern motif / flower language
Cloton / bewitching

Montpa Tree / Eternal Love

Long -life grass / long time connection

Tsuwabuki / Ability to see the tip

[What is Poro Yushi]
Poro Yushi isOkinawan plants and traditional culture,
A characteristic pattern with the climate as a motif,
It is a cut -sokers derived from a polo shirt.

As for the meaning and origin of words,
"Kiyoshi (
The accent → "Poro Yushi"
It is a coined word read.

In the sense of "Koyoshi = somehow good"
Expressing ease.

In Okinawa PrefectureResort wear and business wear
It is also familiar.

Fabric used for sportswear
I'm using.

Excellent stretchabilityin,Sweat -absorbing and quick -drying functiontoo
There is so comfortable.

The part that touches the skin is made of cotton materialSo
The touch is soft.

It is hard to be wrinkledNo ironing required "

Besides"OK to use a dryer!"

of course,“It is easy to dry even with drying room”and

* Poroyushi® isHabubox registered trademarkis.


Polyester: 75%, cotton: 25%
Country of origin: Made in China

[Item details]

Color: White
Size: S, M, L,LL, 3L

[Item size]

S: Length 67 / shoulder width 41 / Width 49 / Sodeme length 21
M: Length 69 / Shoulder width 44 / Width 52 / Sodeme length 21
L: Length 72 / shoulder width 46 / Width 55 / Sodeme length 23
LL: Length 75 / Shoulder width 48 / Width 58 / Sodeme length 23.5
3L: Length 79 / shoulder width 51 / Width 61 / Sodeme length 25