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"Orion Beer x pokke104 x HABUBOX"triple collaboration T-shirt is now available! !!

The other day, Orion Chuhai"Chura WATTA"was released by Orion Beer.

This cute package design is done by pokke104, an illustrator from Okinawa prefecture.

Speaking of pokke104, the commercial with that artist GACKT is now a hot topic!

This time, Orion Breweries will welcome the creators of Okinawa to make T-shirts. This pokke104 will be in charge of the design of the first project, and we HABUBOX will be in charge of the production of the T-shirt ~ crackling ~! !! That is here! !!

The Orion beer logo is wrapped in vibrant colors that are typical of pokke104 and curves that are full of life. The familiar logo also looks different. The feminine suppleness and the power of natural modeling are somewhat masculine. It is an item that can be recommended to a wide range of people regardless of gender.
And pokke104's bouquet that luxuriously incorporates Okinawan culture such as Hanagasa and Kasuri patterns. Of course, don't forget the wheat and hops!

Have an art T-shirt from Washijima to give to Orion Beer Rubber! !!

* Online shopping is available only on the Orion Beer official online shopping site ( (Please note that it is not available at the HABUBOX online store. HABUBOX handles it at directly managed stores in Okinawa Prefecture!)

"Orion Bouquet"short-sleeved T-shirt (Orion Beer/pokke104/HABUBOX triple collaboration)
Color:White Adult size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L
Adult price:¥ 4,950 (tax included)

・ Orion Beer official mail order site (
・ HABUBOX Mihama store ・ HABUBOX Akara store ・ HABUBOX Naha Airport store ・ HABUBOX Urasoe Parco City store

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