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Balloon skirts using indigo flower cloth with Bokunen pattern are finally released online!

HABUBOX's high quality line LEQUIOSIAN has released a balloon skirt using indigo flower cloth.しました。

This product is a collaboration product with Okinawa's long-established designer brand PICTURES, and the indigo dyed pattern used is a luxurious item using the original pattern drawn by the printmaker Naka Bokunen.なアイテム。


PICTURES balloon skirts, which are also sold at famous select shops inside and outside the prefecture, are often used at weddings and parties in Okinawa.にします。


It is a special product that crosses over the textile of Mingei to the item that represents Okinawa, which is loved by women inside and outside the prefecture and in recent years.っています。


『LEQUIOSIANN』What is Aiin Hanabusa?

Aiinkafu is a traditional indigo dyeing that has been handed down from 600 years ago in China, which is said to have the roots of Bingata and indigo in Okinawa.です。

●It is modeled based on a woodblock print drawn by printmaker Naka Bokunen.。

●Local craftsmen carefully dye it with the same technique as before. The planned sewing finish is done in Okinawa.ています。

●It is dyed indigo with ingredients extracted from the same Acanthaceae plant as Ryukyu indigo. It is characterized by a deep reddish indigo color.です。

●Natural indigo dyeing is said to have a high insect repellent effect by increasing the strength of the fiber and suppressing the growth of germs.ます。

●It is said that it has a high effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skin, but on the other hand, it is weak against ultraviolet rays and causes fading and discoloration, so it is necessary to be careful when exposing it to sunlight for a long time.必要です。

●Lequiosian's indigo seal cloth is firmly colored by a fixing reaction such as acetic acid, and is relatively easy to handle.徴です。

The fluctuation of handicrafts that cannot be produced in industrial products and the complex three-dimensional patchwork composed like collage art are one-of-a-kind items that cannot be restored.1点物。The deep indigo color of this indigo is easy to match with any color and seems to widen the range of styling.すね。


And after all, the balloon skirt has a unique silhouette with a distinctive silhouette and high sewing technology that creates a cute bulge when worn.れます。


The biggest feature of this item is that you can stir it beautifully or casually according to the tops and footwear that you match with this unique silhouette.特徴と言えます。


And it is also attractive that it has functional features such as easy movement of the legs for the fact that the hem does not openるのも魅力!


The waist span material is highly elastic and wide, so it fits well and does not slip off easily. It is a super-excellent item that combines design and functionality.なんです!



And you can arrange it like a tube top, which is a great deal on 2 ways.も!


The element of skirt art that inflates the imagination that is not found in ready-made clothes The element of Mingei and the design are integrated and gently wrapped.んでくれます。


「Although it is a collaboration series with PICTURES, in addition to the standard balloon skirt, a new long skirt will be released at the same time.リース。


The flare with plenty of volume expands the range of dressing for both girly and elegant. It is a timeless series in which patchwork, which is more complicated than balloons, shows a different look from any angle of 360 degrees.いシリーズです。


Please wear the collaboration skirt of PICTURES x LEQUIOSIAN and enjoy the fashion of autumn and winter in the future.ださいね!


「Click here for a list of PICTURES x LEQUIOSIAN collaboration skirtsら
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