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Released long-sleeved Kariyushi made of indigo flower cloth material!

In Okinawa, the number of chilly days has increased in the morning and evening.。

If you live in Okinawa, you'll understand that it's difficult to dress when you come to a business party meeting this season.しいですよね。。。

・It's cold with short-sleeved Kariyushi
・However, it is also delicate to put on a jacket or jumper on it.妙
・Long-sleeved Kariyushi is OK for business, but there aren't many shirts for parties and meetings.い。

This Okinawa autumn / winter problem comes up every year at this time of year, isn't it? Since summer is long, I forget it every year.いので、毎年忘れるw)。

「It's me事!!」
I would like to recommend this long-sleeved calico side pocket shirt to those who think」です。

The recommended points are as follows
  1. The indigo seal flower cloth that is the material is excellent
  2. The pattern of the fabric is drawn by the printmaker Naka Bokunenし
  3. Design for weddings and party meetingsイン

Let's look at each one!


1. The material, indigo flower cloth, is excellent

The material used for this shirt, Ai Inkafu, is very good.等です。

Aiinkafu is a traditional indigo dyeing that has been handed down from 600 years ago in China, which is said to have the roots of Bingata and indigo in Okinawa.です。

●Local craftsmen carefully dye it with the same technique as before. The planned sewing finish is done in Okinawa.ています。

●It is dyed indigo with ingredients extracted from the same Acanthaceae plant as Ryukyu indigo. It is characterized by a deep reddish indigo color.です。

●Natural indigo dyeing is said to have a high insect repellent effect by increasing the strength of the fiber and suppressing the growth of germs.ます。

●It is said that it has a high effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skin, but on the other hand, it is weak against ultraviolet rays and causes fading and discoloration, so it is necessary to be careful when exposing it to sunlight for a long time.必要です。

●Lequiosian's indigo seal cloth is firmly colored by a fixing reaction such as acetic acid, and is relatively easy to handle.徴です。

When you hear indigo dyeing, you may think that it is a difficult fabric to handle, but in fact it is such an easy-to-use fabric. It is very useful because it has less degeneration and the fabric is durable. Also, I really like the impression of the bride who does not mind the smell of sweat because of the function of suppressing the growth of germs.ます)ので、本当に気に入っています。


2. The pattern of the fabric is drawn by the printmaker Naka Bokunen.し

The characteristic pattern of this shirt is drawn by Okinawa's leading printmaker Naka Bokunen for this fabric.ります。

【Naka Bokunen】
Born in 1953
Born in Izenajima, Okinawa
Encounter prints through painting, illustration, and design.げと着色。
The technique of instant carving and back coloring expanded the world of works with the theme of all things like rage.。
「A huge number of works advocating drawing footstepsぶ。
The freewheelingness of creations such as the Ryuka Sanshin picture book lyrics is also rooted in the endless affection for nature.している。
The style rooted in nature and ethnicity touches the cores of people working in fields and fishing, runs through the forest like a breeze, crosses the fields and crosses the sea.海を渡る。
Many solo exhibitions Various activities such as posters for global projects, original drawings of commemorative stamps, appearances on movies and TV多彩。

It features a unique touch unique to prints and a design that makes you feel Okinawa.す。


3. Design for weddings and party meetingsイン

Although it is a total pattern, the pattern is monochromatic and the base is indigo dyed, so it gives a calm impression.た印象。
(It is a design of course for business in Okinawa, but it is also useful for weddings and party meetings.1着です。
In addition to the chest, there is also a pocket on the right hem side, which is very convenient for storing weddings in Okinawa.に便利です。

That's why this time I introduced the charm of the newly arrived long-sleeved calico side pocket shirt.ました。

Although it will be short-sleeved, there is also a video that summarizes the charm of Aiin Hanabusa before, so please also see thisさい〜。


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