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[Deodorant soft model] has been added to the Sabani type 3D mask!

HABUBOX's popular items「Sabani type three-dimensional mask」NSDeodorant soft model for more summerル】Was added〜。

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What is a Sabani type three-dimensional mask?は?

What is Sabani ()?は
A small fishing boat in the Okinawan language. It has been used for fishing in the Okinawa Islands and the Amami Islands for a long time. It is said that it came to be calledれています。 

【Features of Sabani-type three-dimensional mask It has a high fit for a wide range of sizes. Wide internal space makes it easy to breathe. Wide internal space makes it difficult for the fabric to touch the lips and makes it easy to talk. It fits comfortably in the nose. It fits easily to the shape of the nose and the glasses are hard to fog. You can replace the elastic cord. It can be tumble dried at low temperature.メージや、摩耗によるダメージ型崩れには十分注意して下さい)

Features added to the summer model

Changes from the existing model↓↓↓

◆(The inner part, which had a double structure so that filters and non-woven fabrics can be inserted, has been changed to one layer.りました。

◆NaTech-fresh 100% cotton is used for the inner material NaTech-fresh is a material that has deodorant properties while retaining the characteristics of cotton. Natural fiber functionality High washing durability can be expected due to our unique raw material modification technology.濯耐久性が期待できます。

◆Add summer-like colors and patterns to create a fashion mask with a refreshing impression even in business situations and everyday use.した。

I will explain in detail in the video!!

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