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Introducing children's masks! [Sanguwa bracken mask]

Masks that have become indispensable to children's daily lives I'm worried about the difficulty of breathing of children who are active in such a situation I heard that there are other forms of risk such as heat stroke in the hot season increase ます。

So I made a piece of etiquette mask that is easy to breathe.た!

Since there is no top and bottom, even small children can wear it without worrying about it. It comes in a set of 2 with a pop pattern.ります。

Sangua bracken mask

◉ Estimated age of adaptation 3 years old Up to the lower grades of elementary schoolまで。
◉ Uses natural fiber material that is gentle on the skin and has hygroscopicityす。
◉ One piece of fabric is used to make it easier for children to breathe.。
◉ The central seam allowance acts as a bridge to secure the internal space.。
◉ Since there is no top and bottom, children can wear it without worrying about it.す。
◉ It is a print of Okinawa amulet (Sanguwa)です。
『What is Sangu?は
The leaves of gramineous plants and the leaves of Basho are tied in a cross shape and used as a guard to protect food that is taken outdoors. In recent years, materials such as vinyl strings have become familiar to us. By tying things together, we will make it Sanguwa. It is an Okinawan guard that can be used instantly, so it is used in every situation. It was designed with the hope of the safety and health of children (warabi).康を願って、デザインしました。

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Etiquette Mask Sangua Warabi Mask, which was planned with children in mind. We also explain its features on YouTube, so please have a look.ください〜。

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